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Erie Canal Module Teacher Training Workshop

Location: 5750 Devoe Rd. Camillus NY 13031

The New York Geographic Alliance is pleased to announce that we are ready to show off our new Module on the Erie Canal (Grade 4). It has lessons that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for both ELA and Math. We need to have these lessons tested in classrooms throughout the State of New York.

We will be having a training workshop on July 18-19, 2013 at the Camillus Erie Canal Park (about 6 miles west of Syracuse). Teachers who participate will have time to try out our lessons and make suggestions for improvement. They will receive the entire module in both paper format and on a flash drive. Other materials (maps, charts, etc.) will also be provided. During the 2013-2014 school year, the teachers who are trained in Camillus will be expected to test the lessons with their students and to give us feedback about the effectiveness of the lessons.

Most of the expenses for attending the Erie Canal Module Training Workshop will be covered by the New York Geographic Alliance. This includes lodging and most meals. There will also be time to experience this wonderful living museum on the Old Erie Canal. That will include a boat ride over the recently reconstructed Nine Mile Aqueduct, something you cannot do anywhere else!

Online registration is now closed. If interested contact  Tim McDonnell, or you can call the NYGA Office at (585)-292-2398.

 Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct

Take a Crusie across the Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct!

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