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In The News

Title Author Published  
Geographic Bee 2015 National Geographic 10/04/14 View
Why You Should Come to GeoFest 2014 Timothy McDonnell 10/02/14 View
Watershed Education Resources from NYGA Timothy McDonnell 08/30/14 View
New Online Courses on Watersheds from National Geo Elena Takaki 08/27/14 View
New Resources from NYGA Available Upon Request Timothy McDonnell 06/01/14 View
New Social Studies Framework and Other News Timothy McDonnell 04/30/14 View
Three ELL Workshops in New York City Dr. Gale Sookdeo, NBCT 04/15/14 View
Waterways of New York Conference Timothy McDonnell 03/10/14 View
New Resources from National Geographic Timothy McDonnell 03/07/14 View
FieldScope Webinar Training Elena Takaki 03/01/14 View
Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher Program New York Sea Grant 02/15/14 View
Why Teach Social Studies at the Elementary Level Gail Hall 01/08/14 View
New Social Studies Framework Now Available New York State Education Department 12/18/13 View
The Erie Canal - a New York State Treasure Timothy McDonnell 08/09/13 View
u-NY-que IX - Waterfalls! Timothy McDonnell 07/02/13 View
NatGeo Education Website National Geographic Society 04/11/13 View
New Social Studies Draft Framework Available NYSED 02/11/13 View
Important Changes to Global History and Geography ... Donna Merlau, Greg Wilsey (NYSED) 01/12/13 View
Join Professional Organizations! Erica Martin, Tim McDonnell 08/24/12 View
u-NY-que VIII: Treasuring our Geographic Beauty Timothy McDonnell 08/21/12 View
NEW Members Only Section Timothy McDonnell 08/03/12 View
Geo-Literacy Videos National Geographic Society 05/31/12 View
Speak Up For Geography! TGIF 2012! National Geographic Society 05/05/12 View
TGIF... Teaching Geography is Fundamental Timothy McDonnell 01/05/10 View
u-NY-que V: The Finger Lakes Timothy McDonnell 08/10/09 View
NYGA Defines Geographic Literacy NYGA Staff 07/31/09 View
We have the GIANT Floor Map!! Timothy McDonnell 04/19/09 View