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In The News

GAW 2012 - Declare Your Interdependence!

May 31, 2012
National Geographic Society


National Geographic Society has released resources for this fall's Geography Awareness Week.

GAW 2012 will be officially celebrated during the week of November 11 - 17th. (Of course, we don't want to limit you to ONE week!) The theme is Geography: Declare Your INTERdependence. The program's theme will focus on how geography instills an awareness of the interdependence and interconnectedness embedded in all of our lives. We all have a global footprint, and our decisions effect the world as a whole. Make sure that you visit the public website, Geography Awareness Week. There will be many resources available for teachers, students, and families. Being geographically-literate has never been more important. Make sure that you participate in GAW 2012, not just in November, but for the entire school year.

How does this map show INTERCONNECTNESS? The Hudson River and the Erie Canal make New York the Empire State.

The New York Geographic Alliance has ordered several boxes of posters to use for this year's Geography Awareness Week. The front of the poster will feature a map. There will be two activities described on the back of the poster - "Geography of the Pencil" and "Your Global Clothes." Contact Tim McDonnell, if you want to reserve some posters for your school or organization.

Interconnectedness is very important to an understanding of New York geography. This is why we are starting an ambitious project, the creation of a module on the Erie Canal aligned to Grade 4 Common Core ELA standards. It will be the focus of our GeoFest 2012 (October 20th at Monroe Community College). We are the Empire State, because we have had the means to stay connected to the outside world. We invite you to join the NYGA in celebrating Geography Awareness Week in 2012!


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