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Let's Make Harriet Tubman's Home a National Historic Landmark

September 28, 2011
Underground Railroad Conference


One of our goals as teachers of geography is to preserve places of importance, especially in our own state. They help to define us as the "Empire State."

There is now an opportunity to raise the status of one of the most important historic homes in Central New York. It belonged to Harriet Tubman, the great heroine of the Underground Railroad. It is located on the south side of the City of Auburn, in the middle of the Finger Lakes Region. This was where she lived for most of her life, especially after the Civil War.

Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery (Maryland's Eastern Shore), and moved north. Almost every year, she returned to her home country and led many of her people out of bondage. She often led them all the way to Canada. In the 1850s she purchased a home in Auburn from William H. Seward, who later became Lincoln's Secretary of State. When she brought members of her own family (including her elderly parents) out of Maryland, she settled them in her new homestead in Auburn.

This property and one in Maryland deserve to be recognized as National Historic Parks. Therefore, we are asking you to sign an online petition before October 15, 2011. This will put pressure on Congress to support a bill under the National Parks Act. It's very easy and painless. Go to this website:

Just answer a few basic questions and then submit it. It also will be helpful to write why this is important to you. It makes the petition more personal.

We thank you for your support!