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In The News

It's Our 25th Anniversary!

December 05, 2012
Timothy McDonnell


In 1988, a small group of teachers and college professors came together under the guidance of the National Geographic Society to form the New York Geographic Alliance. They were concerned by the poor showing by American students on geography tests as compared to other industrialized nations. Well, it's now 2013, and for those of you who are math-challenged, that means that the NYGA is now 25 years old... and still going strong! We continue to push forward.

Our first order of business was the creation of a logo to celebrate this milestone. We hope you can see that this photo montage spells out a "25." Our goal as an Alliance has always been to advocate for better geography in our schools, and for a better appreciation of the special geography we have in the Empire State. In fact, the advantages that our geography gives us made New York the Empire State! The photos below give you a little taste of this.

 On the "2"...

Carol Gersmehl presents a lesson for NYGA, New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty, the view of Lake Placid from Whiteface Mountain, one of the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River, an elevation map created by Carol Gersmehl (you can only find it here!), the New York State Capitol (NO dome!), British drummers at Fort Ticonderoga, the Hudson River at West Point, Old Lock 60 on the Erie Canal, grapes growing near Lake Erie, a Hoggee and his Mule at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, Teachers working on GeoHistoGrams at Celebrate Social Studies Day.

 On the "5"...

Signs in Little Korea (Flushing, NY), a Cobblestone House in Lyndonville, NY, Autumn on Canandaigua Lake, Montauk Light House (Long Island), "Oreo" Cow near Little Falls (NY is a Dairyland, too!), Niagara Falls (accept no substitutes),  Taughannock Falls (highest in the East) near Ithaca, "I Love NY", Sunset in Winter on Long Island, the New York State Flag, and a young geographer showing off his decorated NY Cookie!

Throughout the coming year, we will be reliving some of the important events of the New York Geographic Alliance. A few years ago, Ginny Figura, former Co-Coordinator of the NYGA, wrote a definitive history of the Alliance.  We'll feature some of her work. If you have some good anecdotes for the "good old days," send them on to us! If you would like to download a BIG version of this 25th Anniversary Logo, one will be available very soon in our Members Only Section.