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In The News

New Social Studies Framework Now Available

December 18, 2013
New York State Education Department


The New York State Education Department announced this past week that they are ready to share the latest draft of the K-12 Social Studies Framework on the Engaged New York website. There are three PDF documents - an introduction, one for K-8 and one for 9-12. The link for this site is http://www.engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-common-core-k-12-social-studies-framework

The framework covers the major topics that should be covered on all grade levels and it emphasizes the Common Core Literacy Standards, as well. Notice that Grade 5 is centered around the Western Hemisphere, and Grade 6 is centered around the Eastern Hemisphere. There are ten major themes for the entire framework. They appear as abbreviations (i.e. MOV or GEO). If you need them translated, go to page 10 of the introductory document.

They are requesting that teachers and other interested professionals review all three documents and give feedback to NYSED. The New York Geographic Alliance is also interested in YOUR comments about the framework. We especially want to know if you think there is enough geography in this proposal. If not, how would you recommend adding more geography to the curriculum. It is important that our members make their voices heard. If we do not advocate for geography, then we cannot complain later on!