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New Resources from NYGA Available Upon Request

June 01, 2014
Timothy McDonnell


The New York Geographic Alliance has new materials that we are excited to share with our loyal members. We want to support you as you infuse geography into your curriculum.
1. We have two 11 x 17" posters. One is "Watersheds of New York," and the other is "Treasuring the Erie Canal." They are double sided with images on one side and a map on the back. We plan on issuing a lesson packet for the posters by Fall 2014.
2. Through our Chesapeake Bay Watershed Initiative (NOAA) grant, we have produced a Watershed Training Manual. It is overflowing with lessons and other resources about watersheds, especially for New York State. We use them for our workshops (i.e. the one we are doing at the Rogers Environmental Education Center on June 26th). If you promise to give us feedback on how the lessons and activities work in your classroom, we will send you one for free.
3. The NYGA has also written a module of lessons for Grades 4 and 5 on the Erie Canal. They are aligned to the Common Core standards, and they should help students prepare for assessments in both ELA and in Math. They will be available in booklet for later this summer. If you would like digital files of our lessons, we can send them to you now. We only ask that you test them out in your classroom, and if you do, there is a short survey we would like you to complete.
4. The New York Geographic Alliance is very proud of our newest resource, created in partnership with the Center for Geographic Learning. Phil Gersmehl is the primary author. It is the Atlas of New York: Legacies of the Erie Canal. It is currently being printed as a booklet with full-color maps. There is a limited supply, but we can send you one if you send a check to NYGA for $5.00 to cover the printing and mailing cost.  There is no charge for NYGA members.

The Erie Canal Poster and the Winners-Losers Map from the Atlas of New York: Legacies of the Erie Canal.

You can reserve your copy of any of these resources by contacting the NYGA Office. Call (585)-292-2398 or email Tim McDonnell, the NYGA Coordinator. To make a check, send it to New York Geographic Alliance, Monroe Community College, 1000 E. Henrietta Road, Rochester, New York 14623.