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NatGeo Education Website

April 11, 2013
National Geographic Society


Our deepest apologies!

We recently sent out a newsletter to our members attempting to promote the National Geographic Education Website. We carelessly called the resources "terrible" when we, of course, meant to say "TERRIFIC!" It goes to show that even careful proofreading can still lead to mistakes.
We love this website, and we encourage all our friends in geography to use it - and use it often!

The National Geographic Education website has several very useful sections. In the Teacher Area, there are many lessons that link to NGS resources. They are appropriate for all grade levels. Many of them work very well when you are trying to align your instruction to the Common Core State Standards. The list of resources is too long to mention, so you need to explore the site yourself. We at NYGA highly recommend that you take advantage of the MapMaker Kits, formerly known as the Tile Maps. You can print the entire world, or continents, or just the USA, and the polar regions.

Photo Above: Students work on the large map of Europe (NGS Photo)

There are two choices. You can access the very large maps, which consist of over 100 tiles. At 11 ft x 14 ft when assembled, they are very impressive when displayed on a wall. (Suggestion.... laminate them! Then students can draw on them with white board markers and they can be used over and over again. Another option are the Table Top sizes. They usually are printed in only 8 to 10 pieces, and they are very easy to assemble. These maps are ideal for student group work.

How do you get them? When you are on the NGS Education Home Page, scroll down about half-way. In the middle of the page, find the section titled "Featuring Mapping." MapMaker Kits is the third option. When you click on that link, you can watch a short video on how the downloading works. Then it's time to explore! All the kits are in PDF format, so you must have Adobe on your computer. Since the maps have a lot of detail, you might want to print them up gradually.

If you are interested in ideas of how to use these maps in your classroom, contact us. We can help! We also are planning workshops on just MapMaker Kits, which will be posted on this  website. If you have been using these TERRIFIC resources, drop us a line. Don't forget you can visit and interact with National Geographic on Twitter and on Facebook.

Photo above: Teachers at last fall's Celebrate Social Studies Day (Juan Campos Secondary School, Brooklyn) use a Table Top World Map to investigate population statistics.


Article Derived From: http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/