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Speak Up For Geography! TGIF 2012!

May 05, 2012
National Geographic Society


For several years now, the New York Geographic Alliance has been encouraging our members to contact their representatives in Washington to ask them to support the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act (TGIF). In the Senate it is known as S. 434 and in the House it is HR 885.

Speak up for this young man! He needs geographic education and TGIF will ensure that it happens!

National Geographic has set up a new website that makes contacting your congressperson or senator even easier. It is called Speak Up For Geography. It will help you to craft an e-letter for TGIF. This month, we are trying to encourage at least six more New York congresspersons to sign on as cosponsors of the bill. Your support is needed TODAY!

First, click on the tab that reads "Take Action." It will give you a short description of the bill and why it is important to geographic education.

Second, enter your zip code at the bottom, and it will give you the names of our two senators (Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand), and your local representative in the House.

Third, continue to the next page, and a generic letter to the member will appear. Of course, you can edit it to make it more personal. We highly recommend that you do that! Then submit it. Very painless, right?

Remember, if we don't support geography in OUR schools, no one else will. Let the entire New York delegation to Congress know that "Every classroom is better when geography is part of the day."


Article Derived From: http://speakupforgeography.rallycongress.com/