Registration: Waterways New York Mini-Conference (July 30-31)

The New York Geographic Alliance and the Department of Chemistry/Geosciences of Monroe Community College are sponsoring a two-day mini-conference for teachers and informal educators on July 30th and 31st. It will be held at MCC's Brighton Campus in Rochester, NY. 

There will be two strands for this conference. The first strand is called "Waterways New York." Over the two days at MCC, we will examine different aspects of the rivers, lakes, and canals in New York State. There will be lessons demonstrated for all levels, K-12. This will include using the GIANT Map of New York, our water-testing kits, and many other resources that are available to teachers free of charge (some of which have been created by the NYGA). On July 31st, there will be a half-day field trip to study the Genesee River and the Erie Canal in the Rochester area. 

The second section of the mini-conference is part of National Geographic's National Initiative, Geo-Inquiries Training. This strand is for middle school teachers interested in using GIS resources to create maps of their communities. Schools are encouraged to send teachers in pairs, so they can work on projects collaboratively with their students in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. There will be demonstrations from teachers who have been trained by Nat Geo in 2017 in Washington, DC and this summer at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There will be time alotted to collect data in the field and to use computers to create maps while on the MCC campus. 

We are currently working out more details for these mini-conferences. If you want more information, please contact Tim McDonnell, the Coordinator of the New York Geographic Alliance. You can also call the NYGA Office at (585)-292-2398


Please provide a short (1-2 sentences) explanation as to why you are interested in attending.