BioBlitzes in New York in May-June 2016

As a member of the Alliance Network, part of National Geographic, the New York Geographic Alliance is helping to organize and lead several BioBlitzes in May and June of 2016. These are all public outdoor events, where participants do a survey of biological diversity in a park, a garden, or a nature center. 

Taking a sample, inside the loop. The photo went directly to iNaturalist. 

There are no fast rule for the BioBlitzes, except that they should be fun. We want the participants to try to identify the creatures they discover as best as they can. (For example, you might see a hawk, but you're not sure what specieis it is. That's fine, others can do the classification work for you. We recommend that you use iNaturalist to record your observations. They have an app that can be downloaded to smart phones and tablets. You can take pictures and save them to iNaturalist in a few simple steps. Having the app downloaded before the BioBlitz is a very good idea. 

We officially recommend the following BioBlitz events. The times and dates might change, so please visit this web page again in late-April. 

SUNY Fredonia  (Chautauqua County) - May 7, 2016

Mendon Ponds Park (Monroe County) - May 7, 2016

Rogers Environmental Educaiton Center (Chenango County) - May 14, 2016

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site (Nassau County) - May 29, 2016

Renaissance Charter School (Jackson Heights, Queens) - TBD

Tifft Nature Center (Erie County) - June 15, 2016. (This is a NEW Date)

You are welcome to join these events. Encourage your students to join us, too. If you want, you can do your own BioBlitz. Please let us know what you planning, so we can get you recognition for your contributions to this project. If you need help, contact our BioBlitz Coordinator, Jennifer Markham. You can call the NYGA office at (585)-292-2398 for information, too. 

If you want to explore iNaturalist even more, the National Park Service has made several tutorial documents that you can follow:
Remember that geography requires that NO child is left inside!