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Sample GIS Activities

Cohort 2 (2016-17)
Writing across America: Lat/Lon Activity 
By: David Sands
Subject: Earth Science

Mount Hope Topographic Glacier Feature Part 1  and Part 2
By: Ellen Post
Subject: Earth Science

Exploring Rock Types Using ArcGIS Online Activity
By: Sarah Atseff
Subject: Earth Science

Storymapping a Killer Activity
By: Sarah Atseff 
Subject: Forensics

Mendon Ponds Glacial Field Lab and PowerPoint
By: Diane Sudz
Subject: GPS and field mapping (tree ID)

Cohort 1 (2015-16)
Mendon Ponds GIS/GPS (Field Activity)
By: Steve Fedor  (Webster Thomas) and Sara Hannafin (Webster Schroder)
Subject: Earth Science

Earthquakes and Plates (120 minute Activity using AGOL)
By: Kurt Albers (RCSD)
Subject: Earth Science

Contact: Jonathon Little

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